IRONMAN Boulder 2014

IRONMAN Boulder 2014
IRONMAN Boulder 2014 - Photo Courtesy of Nils Nilsen @N2PhotoServices
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'M SICK! And, I haven't done my workouts...

Today is day 10 since I've done a SINGLE workout!

I woke up with the intent of doing an easy, recovery ride for about an hour but I'm just not there yet. 

There's still that heaviness in my chest, still a little congested, and my body is plain tired. (Actually, I'm pretty much always tired, so I need to eliminate that from my list of reasons why not to do a workout.) I'm out of breath at the top of the stairs coming out of the subway. I have a cough that isn't the most productive. There's still some congestion in my sinuses. 

This started about three weeks ago when I felt a LITTLE under the weather. I took a few days off and when I started feeling slightly better, I jumped RIGHT back in with the same intensity as if there wasn't anything that hit me. I was going strong for about ten days until the evening after my weekend of long workouts last weekend. 

I started to feel extremely run down with a post-nasal drip thing that was interrupting my sleep. Yes, interrupting the seven to nine hours of sleep a person that's "always tired" certainly doesn't help! And, it got worse throughout last week with a heavy cough and, what seemed like, never-ending sneezing.

I've finished a five day antibiotic, am on a prescription nasal steroid, changed from Claritin to Allegra and am taking some Mucinex to try to push out what's sitting in my chest. 


Now, let's face it. For the person that typically doesn't like doing his workouts, this should be my dream, right??? I haven't had to do a workout and have a pretty solid excuse this time around! But, it's actually times like this when I feel even MORE guilt because I'm not doing ANYthing. I feel like I'm losing all my fitness that I've built up since I dove back into training in January. 

MAYBE, some of that is true. 

But, I have to remind myself that my body is telling me to BACK AWWFF and rest. There is a reason why I feel this way. I need to acknowledge and respect my body. Staying tough and doing my hard workouts no matter what "because I'm tough and not a wimp" will only FURTHER delay my recovery and, possibly, make it even worse!

So, the wait continues.

My goal is to, hopefully, do an easy swim Friday, easy ride on Saturday and easy run on Sunday. Of course, this is only if I feel good. And, I'm hopeful that I'll be in that place by Friday! I promise myself, not to jump into the intensity stuff and will take it easy. 

Who knows - I could come back stronger, right?!?

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