IRONMAN Boulder 2014

IRONMAN Boulder 2014
IRONMAN Boulder 2014 - Photo Courtesy of Nils Nilsen @N2PhotoServices
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reflect and Thank

It's Wednesday, July 30, 2014, and we are just a little over five days away from IRONMAN BoulderThe weekend is about to fly by, starting with our #TriTeamForGood service project, followed by athlete check-in and then event after event with many brands and businesses hosting athletes with professional triathletes like Crowie, Rinny and Ben Hoffman - to name a few - "headlining." Oh, and we have to get all our gear together to check in by Saturday as well. So, now is probably my final opportunity to get some thoughts down. 

It's the inaugural IRONMAN Boulder and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it. Most importantly, I am glad that my "never again" attitude after IRONMAN Wisconsin in 2012
has been trumped these past two seasons by having a different reason for training as part of the IRONMAN Foundation - Newton Running Ambassador Triathlon Team - the #TriTeamForGood. Bringing awareness to how much the IRONMAN Foundation gives back to communities that host IRONMAN events as an ambassador, through community service projects and through fundraising has given me a bigger meaning beyond myself and is the KOKUA that the team is all about. All my training has been for those well-deserving recipients of the money that I helped raise and the fact that I was contributing to such a greater good helped me through the toughest part of training. More about the team and my fundraising efforts can be found here. Thanks again to my many donors!

Training this year can certainly be seen by some as a redemption after last year's disqualification at IRONMAN Wisconsin because I went over the swim cut-off by 20 seconds. And, yes, in a way, that's true. But, it happened for a reason because it was a sign that my journey with the #TriTeamForGood was not done... AND, that my swimming needed a makeover.

Beginning last Fall, I dove into the deep section and fixed my "swimming" by enrolling with the Chicago Blue Dolphins, where they teach Total ImmersionProper balance and technique were drilled into my brain as the majority of ALL my swim workouts. Now, I can safely say that I am such a better and more efficient swimmer! So, that part should be fine now and I will have been in town for about a week so the effect of the elevation should, hopefully, not be a huge factor. And, if it is, I think I have enough of a buffer now to deal with that AND choppy waters - KNOCK ON WOOD! Huge thanks to CBD, particularly owner Fitz and instructor Kordian!

Bike and run training was done using Ben Greenfield's Ancestral IRONMAN training plan, which is best summed up as a "less is more" plan. Every workout had some type of intensity/intervals built in and, therefore, did not last very long. My longest workout weekend was two weekends before race day and it consisted of a 20 mile run and a three-hour "always be pushing" ride. A plan like this was the most realistic because of the amount of time I have aside from work and family in order to get the workouts in. The workouts were do-able and fit into my life just right. 

I was less anxious about missing or shortening workouts and felt much fresher overall for each one. I was curious to see how this type of training would shape up when I did IRONMAN Kansas 70.3 at the beginning of June and was pleasantly surprised with a 30 minute personal best. So, now we know - KNOCK ON WOOD AGAIN - I will be able to get to the finish line by 16:59:59 as long as if I continue to be smart by listening to my body and by pacing myself properly on Sunday. The plan that I'm following comes with Ben's book, Beyond Training, which I HIGHLY recommend because it is a great lesson on how you can be fit in less time and still have a relatively normal social life and dedicated family time. Thanks to Ben for being available for occasional questions about his training plan. I am glad that I was able to find this plan!

Last but not least, I want to thank my partner Anthony for his unconditional support throughout my training. He never makes me feel guilty about having to get a workout in and he also keeps my super type-A, anal-retentive personality in check by balancing me out with silliness that always makes me smile. Thanks, Anthony, for helping get me here!!!

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