IRONMAN Boulder 2014

IRONMAN Boulder 2014
IRONMAN Boulder 2014 - Photo Courtesy of Nils Nilsen @N2PhotoServices
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Supplementing an Expensive Hobby... ** 2014 NEW YEAR GIVEAWAY!!! **


So, about a month ago, I started meeting new people by giving them rides to their destinations. I use apps called LYFT & UBER to meet these folks.

It's been a great way to meet new people, learn about their careers, tell them about mine and to learn my way around Chicago even better! The LYFT and UBER apps allow these folks to reimburse me for the cost of my time, gas, and wear and tear on my car getting them SAFELY to their destinations. So, aside from meeting and making contacts with great, new people, I'm able to support my new and expensive "triathlon hobby" via those reimbursements!

There are many others just like me out there, with their own reasons for driving folks to their destinations. You can meet them by downloading the LYFT and UBER apps on your iPhone or Android device to see what I'm talking about.

Oh, put these codes into the payment and/or promotion sections to get $10 toward your first requests: XJCNSS for LYFT and uber10chicago for UBER. **the codes only work if they're entered before you request your first ride**

Finally, you could be lucky and receive the pair of UBER "touchscreen gloves" pictured here. There are several ways that you can enter this giveaway here: Be sure to enter by 6PM CST on New Year's Day!




  1. I'm in Illinois and it's cold here. We just got lots of snow. I don't think it will be ending anytime soon. I like to be connected. My son gave me gloves, and I left them behind at church one Sunday by accident. They weren't touchscreen gloves though. I hope these reasons suffice :). Thanks

  2. OH! You weren't able to find them in the lost and found at church??? Being that this is my first giveaway - your chances of winning are pretty good. However, the system does the drawing. I'm rooting for ya! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! =)