IRONMAN Boulder 2014

IRONMAN Boulder 2014
IRONMAN Boulder 2014 - Photo Courtesy of Nils Nilsen @N2PhotoServices
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Live from Kona - It’s Almost Here

Live from Kona - It’s Almost Here - Posted on on October 12, 2012

By Ken Chin


On the 11-hour airplane ride to Hawaii, I had a picture in my mind of what I would be seeing everyday when I woke up in my condo. Well, the view from our lanai is everything I expected and more – it looks like a portrait!

I eagerly awake every morning and head down to the beach where we start the day with a swim of the official start of the swimming portion of the Ironman World Championships. The water is so beautiful; completely clear with the most magnificent view of the ocean floor and all of its life – including colorful fish.

Staring at fish is one thing. Try looking at the amazing athletes who are here to compete. I was talking to a friend and lamenting that I feel out of shape compared to everyone else who is walking around with tri-bodies. My friend reminded me that these are the TOP triathletes in the world and that they are paid to be in incredible physical condition. It wouldn’t be the Ironman if you saw beer bellies and love handles I guess, right? I digress.

In all seriousness, the videos and pictures I took underscore my point about how in shape these guys are. The amount of training they’ve put in to get to this point is inconceivable. All of my posts on FacebookTwitter and YouTube speak for themselves, no?

Despite what you may think, I've been doing a lot more than people watching in Hawaii. We’ve spent time obtaining our media credentials, perusing the outdoor expo, snapping pictures and getting autographs with celebrity triathletes and my favorite – interviewing Timex Multisport Teamprofessional and amateur (still Elite) athletes. Again, you can find all of those on my Facebook and YouTube pages.

As you’ll see with the videos I’ve posted, the Timex Multisport Team members are incredible. They are genuinely warm, excited and passionate to share their experiences with us and the rest of the triathlon world. This is a bit different than the past experiences I’ve had with other, high-caliber triathletes. For whatever reason, they were unapproachable and not very friendly. Quite the contrary for every athlete I’ve talked with here! The Timex athletes are modest and willing to talk with you and share their knowledge.

In closing, it’s hard to put the week thus far into words. The vibe in town has changed a bit since I arrived. The tension is palpable as the ‘Super Bowl’ of Ironman's is tomorrow and all of the athletes are nervous about the task ahead of them. I’m nervous and I’m not even competing!

After I finish my post, we’ll be departing to drive a portion of the 112-mile bike race course. More interviews at bike check will be followed by bed time for an extra early rise so we can cheer on all of the athletes in the morning.

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