IRONMAN Boulder 2014

IRONMAN Boulder 2014
IRONMAN Boulder 2014 - Photo Courtesy of Nils Nilsen @N2PhotoServices
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Post Swim Thoughts

Logged this in Training Peaks for my coach:

"Spent about 30 mins in the pool working on "figuring it out". Found that my breathing is more comfortable/easier on the right every 4 strokes. Also tried to think more of allowing hip/torso turn so I could breathe more easily from the side vs lifting my head out of the water. I was able to do 25 meters twice with some trial and error before between and after each successful one. I found that I was more successful when my kick was more violent/faster because I was moving faster. I tried to be aware of using my hips moreso than my knees."

It's all about baby steps, fight,.determination, patience etc. Gotta put in the work so the light at the end of the tunnel can begin showing its face. Otherwise, it'll stay tucked away.


  1. Good job Ken! Keep up the fight!

    Are you just breathing on the right or bi-lateral?

  2. Thanks, Matthew! Appreciate the support!

    Just one side for now. Last night, it seemed to be more comfortable that way! =)