IRONMAN Boulder 2014

IRONMAN Boulder 2014
IRONMAN Boulder 2014 - Photo Courtesy of Nils Nilsen @N2PhotoServices
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Friday, September 30, 2011

i have quite a few topics in my...

i have quite a few topics in my head that i'll post here soon! maybe, if it works out, ya'll can give me your input on what you'd like me to blog about first!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

unnecessary stress that fuels my workouts!

So, I received this "refurbished" cable modem yesterday. Comcast came to do the installation this morning.

What caused me to be two hours late to work and a $15 cab ride?

A modem that is supposedly 'refurbished'.

When they attempted to activate it, they said it belonged to another owner in Colorado so they couldn't activate it, nor could they remove it from the other account without their permission.

How do I contact this person?

I suppose this begins the saga of trying to reach Amazon who fulfilled the order and then they have to track down the seller.

So much for trying to save on the monthly lease charge by purchasing my own modem! It also looks like the one that Comcast provided in the interim is a dead one. Of course, it dies about 3 minutes after the technician walks out of my apartment.

Great morning?!? NOT! SO! MUCH!

I'll use my anger & tiredness and hit the volleyball extra hard at my first session (for beginners) tonight!

I suppose I'm probably cranky from my legs being sore from last night's leg strengthening session as well. It's been a while! We all know that tomorrow WILL be worst!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

BE! CAREFUL! spectating an ironman COULD inspire you!

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="180" caption="Image by robbyb via Flickr"]Finish Line Support[/caption]

on sunday, i spectated ironman wisconsin from about 8:30am until 8:45pm. i knew there were quite a few chicagoans (many #runnerds) that i knew racing. in particular, i wanted to be there to support my best friend matt's girlfriend! (she ROCKED by the way!!!)

the day before, when i would wake up from not being able to sleep the night before, and DURING the race, i often thought about this video that i watched within the past year. i think it was shared with my running buddies and i at some point before our friend danny conquered the same race just a year ago. i can't help but laugh EVERY time i watch this!


that's my first random thought that i wanted to share here...i promise that this will be a random blog. it will go off onto random tangents. it may not make sense a lot of the time. i'm not the best of writers. however, i simply want to share what's in my head because many of you out there seem to be intrigued, are looking for some motivation, or you're purely looking for something to laugh at and possibly create a parody blog. for the latter, PLEASE DO SO and let me know that you created it because it would be fun to hear somebody's interpretation!!!

tonight at the gym, i thought about this blog that's been sitting here gathering dust. should i actually use it? should i start sharing my stories again like i have in the past? will i keep up with it?

the fact is that i have stuff in my head that i want to currently share and i don't want to feel bad for not sharing it later on. so, i'm going to go for it. and, i'll do my best to keep it updated.

lots of what you will read will include random reflections that i've been meaning to share about previous races i've completed; how my day is effecting my nutrition; how my day is going to effect or not effect my training for the evening; how my training in the morning is killing me during the day or actually giving me a kick in my step; random details about my training; updates on what i'm doing for the F^3 Lake Half Marathon as co-race director; etc; etc; etc...

i can't keep it a secret very long once i post it here...

but, there is some HUGE news for me...

my first physical therapist (mike!) that healed my chondromalacia way back in 2007 when i first started running posted something on facebook about thinking about signing up for ironman wisconsin and whether anybody wanted to join him. this was on monday. the DAY AFTER the ironman this year. this is also known as a very irrational place, i'm sure, for many spectators who are even remotely related to ANY of the sports involved (swimming, cycling, & running) and would consider registering!

of course, i chimed in hours later because i'm not on social media as much as i would like to be nowadays. nevertheless, i responded in jest saying something like, "if you teach me to swim and ride with me AND registration is still open, i'll run with you and i'll register!"

THEN, i checked the website and saw that registration was STILL open. so, i IMMEDIATELY went back to the comments that i just posted and added comments to the effect of, "PLEASE DON'T TEACH ME TO SWIM! PLEASE DON'T RIDE WITH ME! REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN!!!" this happened to be close to my lunch hour and his clinic happens to be half a block from my office. so, i walked on over when i didn't get an immediate response (C'MON, MIKE!) and had a little chat with him.

he recommended i ease into it and not go all in...

i walked out...

i sat in front of the new starbucks on michigan ave...

many thoughts were flying threw my head as the likelihood that the race would sell-out within minutes added pressure...

2011 has been a funk in general for me after i completed the rock n roll arizona marathon in january. this was the BEST experience of my life even though it wasn't my best time. more details on this in a separate post.

so, i always knew that i had to sign up for a race in order to keep my a$$ training and getting out the door. it was like my days as a musician when i had to plan on taking an audition in order to practice.

i signed up for a 10k that went from the united center to us cellular (april?) and the magellan half marathon (mid-may). for both, my training was less than stellar. and, you could ask my coach about how whiny i was while training (or barely training) for those two races.

the last "race" i did was as part of team rat tail in the ragnar chicago relay at the beginning of june. i've probably run a total of about four times since then... and, we are now at september 15th.

did i miss training for the bank of america chicago marathon this year--the first that i had not trained for since 2007? kinda...not ESPECIALLY NO with the chicago summer heat that we had!

the reality is that there was a tad more to it so it worked out well that i had to focus on myself for a bit.

the end of june was when i ended my relationship of 9.5 years with my partner.

SO, it was definitely a time of transition...

i was couch surfing until i found my new home... i started smoking because it kept me company... i settled into my new place... and, i've been adjusting to being in my new home alone. sounds pretty sad... but, it all had to happen.

what YOU need to know is that my last cigarette was last thursday. what YOU need to know is that i made a commitment to myself to get back on track and get focused.

so, that's where the completion of the long questionnaire for ironman wisconsin came into play on monday afternoon at about 2:07pm. going through my head as my heart was beating really fast and my hands were shaking a bit were thoughts of how i can barely swim and i how i hope that it errors out at submission because it sold out while i was filling everything out.

i hit submit.

my credit card was charged.

i got the confirmation email.

i'm still in shock.

yup! you heard it here!

i am not terribly excited about training in lake michigan. before i even think about that, i should probably focus on making it to the middle of the pool without stopping. i'm not TOO terribly worried about the bike (although, i need to learn how to change a tire!) and i've done seven marathons, so i know what that feels like already. right this VERY second, i'm just thinking about getting out of the water in under 2:20!

tonight's workout with my best friend and his pep talk (because he may or may not be training too!) were a great reason to further turn over this new leaf and snap out of it.

i usually don't like folks to know my plans because if i fail, only i will know. but, this journey i WANT to share with you all. i'm hoping that i can be inspired by your comments and maybe i can inspire you in one way or another as well.