IRONMAN Boulder 2014

IRONMAN Boulder 2014
IRONMAN Boulder 2014 - Photo Courtesy of Nils Nilsen @N2PhotoServices
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Friday, May 29, 2015

Training SUCKS!

I bet you think that often, right?


I am very "fat in the head" and feel like I'm just lazy. That's why I sign up for events. A good friend said that there are people that "train to race" and those that "race to train." And, I'm certainly the latter because events provide me with a good reason to be active. 

There's that definitive answer as to WHY I'm working out because that event is on the schedule! Then, from there, when I have a workout on the schedule and I'm just not feeling up to it, I think about the possibility of not finishing or missing cut-off times - especially when it comes to swims! (Being cut-off in a race is one of my biggest fears since it actually happened in 2013 after an IRONMAN swim.) THEN, once I'm doing a workout and it just SUCKS, I remind myself that it is more and more "hay in the barn" and I'm building strength.

So, when you hit a rut, feel stale, feel unmotivated, just don't wanna, training just SUCK etc, think about your why. 

  • Are you training for a specific reason? 
  • Are you fundraising to bring awareness to a cause close to your heart?
  • Do you want to finish your first 5k or first triathlon? 
  • If you just want to be faster or fall into that category of "train to race", have you thought about a bigger meaning beyond speedHave you thought about how much you've grown and CONTINUE to grow as you continue to just be active in your life?

I think we can all benefit from taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture and understanding why we do what we do in training and just life in general. It'll provide a fresh perspective and even help us re-prioritize things in our lives!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'M SICK! And, I haven't done my workouts...

Today is day 10 since I've done a SINGLE workout!

I woke up with the intent of doing an easy, recovery ride for about an hour but I'm just not there yet. 

There's still that heaviness in my chest, still a little congested, and my body is plain tired. (Actually, I'm pretty much always tired, so I need to eliminate that from my list of reasons why not to do a workout.) I'm out of breath at the top of the stairs coming out of the subway. I have a cough that isn't the most productive. There's still some congestion in my sinuses. 

This started about three weeks ago when I felt a LITTLE under the weather. I took a few days off and when I started feeling slightly better, I jumped RIGHT back in with the same intensity as if there wasn't anything that hit me. I was going strong for about ten days until the evening after my weekend of long workouts last weekend. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

What's your MQ score?

Gadgets, gadgets, GADGETS! I love GADGETS!!!

A couple weeks ago I received the Skulpt Aim. The Skulpt Aim is a small device that allows you to measure the MQ (muscle quality) of individual body parts in addition to body fat percentage!

You simply select the muscle you want to measure on the Skulpt Aim device, quickly spray of the sensors on the back, gently press the device against the belly of the non-flexed muscle and BOOM! Your numbers are captured in just a few seconds! Simply repeat on all the body parts you want to measure! Then, you sync the device to the app on your phone and you can analyze (or OVER-analyze) your data!

This is a great device and VERY eye opening. For example, my measurements showed that my legs are beyond athletic and almost SKULPTED! But (WOMP WOMMMMppp), my chest appears to be less than fit and almost in the average range! So, as you can see, it's a great tool that can tell you where you may want to spend a little extra time in the gym!

I highly recommend the #Skulpt Aim!

Monday, January 12, 2015

EnduroPacks Product Review

When it comes to almost everything I get into in life, I can be quite obsessive. When it comes to my health, I've become more protective of my body and the items that I put in it. I read labels closely and do a lot of research. The least amount of ingredients typically is my go-to. Make them organic, or at least non-GMO, HUGE BONUS!

Here's why...

Without diving TOO far into the details, I had some blood work and saliva tests last year when I went to a naturopathic physician. I wanted to discuss options that could get me OFF my anxiety medication AND help me wake up feeling refreshed each day. The summary of the series of visits and tests was that my body was not getting enough rest due to poor diet - likely "leaky gut" - which prevents proper absorption of nutrients. This was likely a huge reason for me often not getting restful sleep and suddenly waking up at 2am with my mind racing. 

Also, although not fried, my adrenals were taxed out and sitting in an "adapted to stress" state, which if not addressed could lead to diabetes, heart disease, and possibly many other things that I stopped hearing because I was in shock. I was in shock because I was, I thought, doing good things by eating as Paleo possible and staying active with my workouts. To hear diabetes and heart disease calling my name BAFFLED me!

New prescription...

Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

SOMETHING BEATS NOTHING - Tips on Staying Active with Limited Time!

How not to be a permanent slob post IRONMAN...

We recently got Garmin Vivosmart fitness trackers for the team at The Running Institute. And, it has been enlightening!!! I'M BARELY ACTIVE WHEN I'M NOT TRAINING FOR AN EVENT!!! My steps could easily be just around 5000 for the day on a regular basis had we not started using these for some fun challenges.